Presidential message

Dear distinguished alumnus,

I am delighted to note that you have visited our website! It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Executive Committee and indeed all our members across the globe. As you may be aware, a few of our aims among several other are to promote the welfare and progress of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and of its teaching hospital, the University College Hospital; and also to promote friendship and the spirit of fellowship among members of the Association. We keep expanding our membership links across the globe and I believe there is always a group you can relate with wherever you are based. If there is no existing group in you location, kindly link up with us and we will be glad to connect you with a branch or group close to you while we strive to establish one in your immediate locality.

In order to achieve all our set objectives, I believe strongly in working hand-in-hand with you as obtained in other alumni associations across the globe. Collectively or individually, we can all offer the much-needed support to our alma mater. I must at this point recognize and appreciate our alumni worldwide. You all have been absolutely wonderful, truly committed and highly supportive. The Association through your cooperation has been able to support the College of Medicine and the University College Hospital in several ways. As a matter of fact, anytime you hear glowing tributes on your alma mater, you should raise your head up and be proud that you have been part of the success story.

As you take a tour of our website, I wish to remind you to make a strong resolve to play active roles in your personal capacity or as a member of a class, regional or national group wherever you may be. You must stand to be counted for ensuring that your alma mater maintains its pride and retains its leadership position. Remember, the rating of your alma mater is your rating. Keeping the College of Medicine and the University College Hospital on top is your duty, it is our collective responsibility. Together we can!

Yours in service,

Professor Ade Fatai Adeniyi, Ph.D., FPPC

President, ICOMAA Worldwide

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