In coherence with one of the core goals of the 8-point TOGETHER Agenda of the present administration of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI), a total of 22 indigent students on the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme were awarded various levels of scholarships. The awards, which came under the umbrella of the ‘’Sponsor A Student Programme (SASP)’’, provide an avenue for alumni and other well-meaning individuals to provide financial aid to indigent students in CoMUI.

The formal presentation of the awards to deserving students took place during the Induction Ceremony of the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Graduating Class of 2021 (Batch B) on Saturday, 22 January 2022. The scholarship will help the beneficiaries pay their levies, accommodation and provide monthly upkeep funds for the 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Addressing the audience which comprised of officers of the University of Ibadan, CoMUI, University College Hospital (UCH), parents and other stakeholders, Professor Olayinka O. Omigbodun (Provost, CoMUI) admonished the beneficiaries to be unabashed by their current state. She encouraged them to draw inspiration from high profile men and women, around them, who had achieved immense success, in spite of their humble beginnings. Professor Olayinka Omigbodun was also full of praise for the Chairman of the CoMUI Student Welfare Committee, Dr. Bukola Adesina who had coordinated members of her team to carry out the screening and interview process to determine students who would be eligible for the various awards.

In respond to a call for funds, so far 4 donors had responded indicating that they would like to support students on the MBBS programme. The funds for the awards were made available by Dr. Abib Olamitoye (of the CoMUI Graduating Class of 1985), the CoMUI MBBS Class of 1979, the Ibadan Medical Specialists Group (IMSG) consisting of MBBS alumni of CoMUI based in the United Kingdom and Professor Emmanuel Otolorin, President, Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (ICOMAA) Worldwide of the CoMUI Graduating Class of 1972. Five Dr. Abib Olamitoye Scholars received full scholarships of N665,000.00 each, while 5 MBBS Class of 1979 Scholars received N100,000.00 each.

There were eleven (11) IMSG Scholars, two receiving a full scholarship of N500,000.00 each, one receiving annual upkeep of N240,000.00 and  8 students receiving N145,000.00 each.   The Professor Emmanuel Otolorin Scholar also received a full scholarship of N500,000.00.

Unfortunately all the donors so far have given scholarships for students on the MBBS programme. Several indigent students on the following programmes are yet to receive funding:

  • 10 Dentistry
  • 5 Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • 4 Physiotherapy
  • 1 Nursing
  • 13 Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
  • 3 Physiology

CoMUI coordinates the Sponsor A Student (SAS) programme in partnership with the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (ICOMAA). CoMUI alumni, corporate organizations, philanthropists and other well-wishers and partners are therefore invited to be a part of this laudable programme to keep students who are financially challenged and indigent in school. The details for possible sponsorship are as follows:

  • Criteria for selection of indigent students is open and transparent
  • Sponsors have the option to meet with the beneficiaries, as arranged by CoMUI
  • Academic progress of student beneficiaries will be made available to sponsors on an annual basis
  • Sponsorship will be openly acknowledged unless they state otherwise
  • Sponsorship will bear the name or the preferred name of the sponsor
  • Financial processes are open and available to sponsors for viewing at any time this is requested

We appeal to donors for other health professions students. Information is as follows:

We invite interested stakeholders to sponsor one or more students and also to sponsor a full or a part of the cost.  The details for sponsorship per annum are as shown below, based on the programme of study.

Sponsor a Student Programme (SASP) Information

Details of Sponsorship Per Annum based on Programme of Study in Naira
Course Other Levies Health Professional Training Levy (HPTL) Board Annual Upkeep 20,000 per month Total
Biochemistry 45,000 20,000 40,000 240,000 345,000
Dentistry (BDS) 45,000 100,000 40,000 240,000 425,000
Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) 45,000 70,000 40,000 240,000 395,000
Human Nutrition & Dietetics 45,000 70,000 40,000 240,000 395,000
Biomedical Laboratory Science (BMLS) 45,000 70,000 40,000 240,000 395,000
Medicine (MBBS) 45,000 100,000 40,000 240,000 425,000
Nursing 45,000 85,000 40,000 240,000 410,000
Physiology 45,000 20,000 40,000 240,000 345,000
Physiotherapy 45,000 70,000 40,000 240,000 395,000





For more details, kindly contact the Provost’s Office, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, University College Hospital (UCH) Premises,
Emails: &
Phone Number Provost’s Office: +234 291 4130 available from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday
Mobile Number ICOMAA Administrative Office: +234 809 021 5888
Mobile Number CoMUI SAS Administrative Office: +234 802 782 3727

You can watch the scholarship award ceremony by clicking on this link:

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